About loneliness, sowing and holy discontent

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A quick word at the new year’s beginning for someone who’s readin’ this and feels lonely…

One day when I was out runnin’ my three, I was thinkin’ on some folks close to me that’ve been just hammered with loneliness. “Why,” I remember sayin’ to Papa that day, “if you’ve given humans these needs, then why don’t You meet ’em?”

He and I, we just generally talk straight.

And this is how He explained it. “I am training them (these lonely people I know) with a holy discontent. I don’t want them to be satisfied with superficial relationships.”

Then this, “I want them to rest their full weight in dependence on Me and look to Me for the meeting of their needs.” I’m runnin’, He’s talkin’, and I’m listenin’.

“While they are waiting, I want them to actively sow love into other folks’ lives.” Even as they’re feelin’ their own famine.

Sowing and reaping and holy discontent. Which led, I saw, to a great harvest.

We always reap more than we sow. I saw it that day, and I thought of a kernel of corn. Carefully dropped down into a trough, that one, single seed, it birthed more. Far more. Who but God could count up that harvest?

Seeds planted, then bearing much fruit. Sweet or bitter.

If you are one of the lonely ones, I’ll just offer what Papa told me. In your own place of famine, you can press into Him, rest your full weight upon Him in dependence. Then start to sow love into those that He brings (you won’t even have to go lookin’; He’ll just bring ’em).

You can never give more than what He can restore. What you sow, quite simply, you’ll reap. In great measure.

I’m thinkin’ of you today. I know Papa is, too.


Rhonda, Girl Sowing and Reaping

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