Why I have no competition (and you don’t have to, either)

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“You are never competing.” That’s what he said just this morning to Curled-Up Girl on the couch in her jammies. And with that, he pointed *Big Red toward the office, and he was gone.

“He” is my handsome, bald-headed husband. The Curled-Up Girl? That’s me.

Thirty years into this marriage adventure, I am amazed at where we’re at. Where we’ve been. What we’ve weathered. What He’s done.

My husband, a red-blooded, American male, is free of the old lust and anger. Always stalwart and devoted, still he struggled. And though our marriage was good, it remained just–rough in spots. Both of us needed healing, both of us needed freedom. Both of us needed re-store-ation.

And God did it.

The day my husband surrendered fully to Christ, literally lying face down on the floor in his office, he felt that he was giving up meaningful sex forever. To the discerning eye, it reveals a glimpse of the torment that drove him, at last, to that place. And he opened his hands and let go. (Some of you know this already. I share it again for those who don’t.)

What I know now on this side of our personal apocalypses is that you can never give up more than God can re-store. When you are willing to lose your life, as Jesus said, you’ll find it. And I can tell you, that even applies to your sex life. Yes, it does.

But back to that sentence this morning. “You are never competing.”

What he was telling me, his curly-headed girl, is that the connection between us is so strong and satisfying, our relationship so sweet, that no other woman is a threat to me. That no matter how many babies I’ve had or where the pounds attach; no matter how old I get or how many fresh, young faces come along, I am safe with him. His heart belongs to me.

What a treasure. What a gift. What a blessing!

My part, now, is to believe him. To believe that he means what he says. When he expresses his delight, to receive it. To thrust back his compliments with self-criticism. How insulting.

Because of the great I AM, I can. And so can you.

Dear soul, I am reticent about writing this today for I know that so many are struggling. At this point in my life, I don’t write anything I don’t ‘feel.’ I just don’t move without His hand on my back. So I think that perhaps what the Lord is wanting here is for me to share some of my own hope and courage and faith. With you, the object of His heart’s desire.

On top of that, I’m willing to pray. May I help you?







*Big Red Truck

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