“I’m just finking”

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“No,” he said calmly.  “I’m not tired.  I’m just finking.”

Curious, now, about what four-year-olds “fink” about, I put it to him direct:  “What are you ‘finking’ about?”

Without hesitation, he said, “The Christmas tree.”

Ahh, the tree.

Loving the moment and loving the age, I hopped over to Facebook to share it with my friends where it was met with a round of chuckling and head shakes.  Sixteen people “liked” it and graciously added their own comments with one friend noting that “it’s a proven fact that blankets help you ‘fink’ better.”  Yes!  “Like.”

It was just earlier this fall when I informed them, my FB family, that “it’s not ‘thunder’ if you’re four – it’s ‘funder.’  Please do not correct the four-year-old.”

There were guffaws and much “liking” with people adding their own personal anecdotes.  One person wondered if there was any “wightening” to go with it. 

An aunt reminded me of an all-time favorite Patric-ism (my nephew) involving thunder.  One morning when my sister and her husband awoke, they found him curled up on the floor just outside their door, fast asleep.  “Why, Patric!” she said.  “What are you doing here?”

“It fundered,” he said sleepily.

“No, it didn’t,” his mother said.

“Well,” he said with conviction.  “It fundered in my room!”

As a family friend noted later, it must have been “a real local shower.”

I could fill a book with hilarious things the boys have said.  It’s one of the special joys of parenting, creating memories that will forever color with warmth and happiness the history that you share.  And later, you will laugh and talk about them in that way that families have.  It connects us, ties us together, and strengthens our bonds.

What, I wonder, is one of your favorite “kid-isms?”  Do you write them down?

Waving and smiling,


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