What’s happening? Oh, nothing, really – nothing

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Alarm rings.  Stalk, bleary eyed, to bathroom to initiate getting-dressed proceedings.  Note husband’s unenthusiastic response when his iPhone alarm sounds.

Jockey for space at sink with husband.  Mutter, “This town really isn’t big enough for the both of us,” while trying to avoid jabbing mascara wand in eye.

Hidey-ho for points south, establish writing station at the Main Street Coffee House.  Ask barista (only half jokingly) if they can run IVs.  She declines.

Quiet time to restore sanity while inhaling caffeine.  Finish column, giggling to self over mental images evoked.  Overhear snippet of conversation close by.  Giggle some more.

Meet girlfriends from church around another table there, pinching self at this wonderful gift, fearful that the ability to “girl talk” has evaporated completely due to lack of use.  Discover with great relief that “girl talk” feature hasn’t been disabled.

Rush to Mister’s office to fetch Small Mister who is keeping company with Sam, watching “Cars” on Daddy’s big computer screen.  Call mother on the way home to check on tiny nephew in hospital.  Call other mother, (Mr. Schrock’s mama) to inform and advise of the weekend’s three performances by Boy Two on the Panther stage.  Call great-aunt and advise of same.

Log on.  Check work.  Check email.  No book contracts.  Rats.  Return to typing.

Try (and fail) to get into the flow of transcription.  Mess around.  Try (and fail) some more.

Go downstairs.  Make lunch.  Drag tail through Vu files.  Read “Are You My Mother?” to Little before tucking him in for nap time.  Wish to high heaven I could join him.

Field phone call from friend about Thanksgiving plans.  Chat and laugh some more.  Hang up, thanking the lucky stars that I really haven’t forgotten to girl talk.

Answer phone again.  Hubby this time.  “Can we do Mannheim Steamroller with so-and-so’s on such-and-such a date?”  Check schedule.  Verify that it is, indeed, possible.

Check Facebook.  Laugh at friend’s announcement that she may have inadvertently switched from Protestant to Catholic after joining the order of “Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry.”  It’s been that kind of week.  Assure her that I’ve personally washed (and folded) Mount Everest.  Wonder aloud about setting up a monastery where everyone takes a vow of silence and only uses sign language.  That’s loving and kind.  And never involves plastic light sabers and ugly expressions.  Two others “like” monastic notion.

Greet young actor garbed in Shakespearean clothing for tonight’s performance.  Warn him of the need to do dishes later.  Prepare for a solid weekend of hoofing it with play tonight, fundraiser 5K and fun walk (fun, fun, yes, fun) at church in a.m., another performance tomorrow night, and one on Sunday afternoon.  Try to fit grocery shopping in somewhere so as to head off peasant revolt.

Other than that, there’s really not much happening here.

And what does your weekend look like?

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