The God of Angel Armies is on our side

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Recently, I was standing in a church service when I saw her walk in. Her name was Faith, and she was our pastor’s mother.

It had been a tough year for Faith and her family. Her husband, Harold, had passed away last summer after a harrowing journey through heart disease. It was her first winter without him, and I knew she had another tough ‘first’ coming up. She was just about to travel by plane to their favorite spot in Florida without him. And then I saw it.

As I watched her search the pews for her family, all at once I knew–Faith had angels. I stood silent for a moment, considering, and then I asked the Lord, “Is it one or two?”

“Two big ones. She has two big ones that travel with her.”

I watched her slip up several rows and join her family. As her son spoke from the pulpit, I sat in silence, pondering. With the eyes of faith, I could see them standing there with her, two giant beings, one behind her to the left, the other one behind her to the right. Once more, I spoke to the Lord. “You are very pleased with her, aren’t You?”

“Yes. Very pleased,” came the answer. And I thought to myself, “Faith is hidden!” Just like the Psalmist had said, she was hidden in the secret place of the Most High, sheltered within the shadow of His wings.
Today was the first opportunity I had to talk to Faith since her return. Her face was one giant smile as she told me how God had cared for her at every turn. He’d provided a ride to and from the airport. He had placed three different couples that she knew on her flight. Her son, Chris, had arrived in Florida early, and he was there to pick her up on her arrival. She didn’t even need to take a cab.

She told me how she’d come across a verse about how God holds us by the hand, and her response, she said, was this, “Yeah, no kidding!”

How blessed it is to be a child of the living God! How lovingly He cares for His people. He guides us with His eye, He takes us by the hand, He plans our every step.

If the God of Angel Armies will do this for Mrs. Faith, He can do it for you, and for me. And one day, heaven.

As Faith would say, “Yeah. No kidding.”

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