You can quit trying now

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A quick Monday morning nugget for the person who’s trying so hard. Are you ready? Here it is: you can quit trying now. You can quit trying to be a better Christian.

There. I said it.

For the ones who’ve been steeped in the “trying” methodology, this is a very difficult concept to grasp. I know, because for much of my life I was Chief Tryer. I know, because for years I have tried to teach it and have found it difficult.
At its core, it is a very slippery, religious spirit that masquerades and shape shifts and whispers and roars and causes endless misery and doubt and confusion. In short, it keeps you from peace and from rest. Again, I will look to my four sons for example.

This morning as Mr. Schrock and I were conversing on this very thing, I said to him, “Our boys are legally Schrocks. They are genetically Schrocks. They are completely Schrocks.

“What if they devoted their lives to restless striving and working to be better Schrocks or endless studying on ‘How to be Better Schrocks’ when all along, you and I were standing right in front of them, just waiting for them to look up? To see us?”

It sobered us both, for we’d been there. We’d seen and felt the damage.
To the one who is caught in an “it’s never enough” cycle, I see you. To the one who can never seem to do enough of the spiritual disciplines, I hear you. To the one who feels chronic shame over leaving certain boxes unchecked, I feel you. And to the one who is checking every box, but still feels unfulfilled and empty, I know you.

Doing all of the spiritual do’s doesn’t do it. What you’re looking for–what we’ve all been looking for, really–is a real relationship with God in His three wonderful, indescribable, and delightful parts. That means that we must look up, for just as I spoke it to my husband today, God actually IS standing there right before you.

Just as our four sons have learned to relax into our love and to feel secure in that love, just so God is wanting that connection with us. Because of the relationship we have here, we six, our sons want to talk to us. They seek our advice. They love spending time with us, and they are quick and eager to help out.

Because of our love, we have their help and cooperation–the doing, if you will. (And the don’ts.)

They are happy to please us. They are pained when they haven’t, and they’re eager to make things right. Because of love.

Today, I will pray that the Holy Spirit will turn on the light bulbs in the darkened rooms of the hearts that are hurting. That are tired from all of the trying.

You can stop now. It is safe.

All because of love,


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