The shoes that you need

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She’s telling a story. And this one, it’s true. Oh, it’s true and it’s hard. Lord, who can bear it? Who can even stand up, or get out of bed? Can put one foot before the other and walk; just walk? How do you do it when you’re going through hell?

She’s telling me how, and I’m listening.

She talks on this night about fire; of floods and high waters that can near drown a person. She says how she nearly did, but God, He was faithful. She tells how He makes ways when there are no ways, and how she lived through it and, more, was victorious. And her family, they all made it through, too.

Oh, to hear and see and touch miracles in flesh! To see with your eyes; to hear with your ears; to clasp hands with one who’s passed through such things. It strengthens the heart; lifts up the spirit; increases one’s own growing faith.

“For God, He came through, and He can do it for you.” She’s tried Him, He’s tried her and she’s found Him to be faithful. Now, she’s throwing ropes; tossing preservers to another flood swimmer, fire walker, to this girl wanting Jesus.

Then she says it: “Every day, I put on the armor of God. Joyce Meyer said once, ‘I don’t walk to my closet and have my clothes jump on me. I put them on.’” She says it over her own coffee cup. “Every day, shoes of peace. When you’re wearing shoes of peace, you can walk into anything and bring peace.”

That’s what I’m thinking on today. Shoes of peace. In every situation, peace. No matter where my feet take me or how the path turns, shoes of peace.

Into conflict or surprises; over rough ground or smooth, I walk in peace. His peace, strong and sure, keeps my ankles from turning. Keeps my heart from alarming, keeps my feet true rock-centered.

And I bring His peace wherever I go. Wherever I walk, shedding peace. Shedding joy, a calm spirit. Bringing life, light and love in my own daily living. Wearing those shoes of His peace.

And what shoes are you wearing this morning, my friend? If they’re not peaceful, then change them. You can. You can do it. For He, your Father, has got just the right size. He’s holding your own peaceful shoes. 




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