When you’re flying by the seat of your pants

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“I have so little publishing experience, no college degree, so I’m trying to learn from those around me.”

We were talking about writing; covering publishers and brands. Talking things like proposals and markets and niches. What a wealth of knowledge he brought, and such insight. And I; well, I was just a girl working, a-typing, a-cooking and cleaning. A girl from the prairie raising boys, washing blue jeans.

Oh, yes. And writing a bit on the side.

In my quiet, honest moments, I face “overwhelming.” Meet the “impossibles.” Stare down the “unlikely’s.” In the Real World, see, the Big Stuff only happens for The Few, and it’s never to someone you know.

Or is it?

From where I sit, it is overwhelming. It is the impossible. It’s highly unlikely. And in the “real world,” the “big stuff” does only happen for “the few.” But in the Upside Down Kingdom…

Oh, in that world, a boy can slay giants. A woman’s the judge. The tax man is chosen, and Saul gets a new name. In the Upside Down Kingdom (I remember today), the unlikely are chosen, the last become first and the simple–well, they confound the wise.

I wasn’t kidding. I have no experience; no college degree. There’s no formal training or great marketing plan. No inside advantage or success guaranteed. Just this.

Just this one thing–a sure, certain knowledge of Whom I’ve believed. That and my choice to obey.

I don’t know the what’s and the when’s and the how’s. I don’t, and I really don’t have to. My trust is in Him, for I sure do know this: He equips every one that He calls.

That’s you, and that’s me.

Meanwhile, I am so thankful for those He brings by. For those with experience and insight and knowledge. Who share what they know with this one inexperienced. I’m grateful, and I’ll take it to heart.

And you, today. What’s your ‘impossible thing?’ Can you trust, then obey? Can you let Him equip you? Can you give Him the when’s and the how’s?

I did. So can you. He’ll be faithful to do it. And I’d recommend adding caffeine.

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